The days when most people in this industry received training as employees of large organisations are long gone. The industry fragmented and jobs have migrated to the freelance market.

The IPS is committed to providing training for its members. The Institute’s Memorandum of Association declares our aims as:

“encouraging the maintenance of the highest professional standards among sound operations personnel, securing improvements in the art and technique of broadcasting sound resulting in such cultural and educational benefits, promoting and publishing the useful results of experiment and research designed to secure such improvements, and providing a forum for the exchange of information.”

IPSNET provides an excellent forum for the exchange of information, and our training activities include residential courses which introduce members to emerging technologies, and occasional one-day seminars on microphone placement and other operational issues. In November 2006 we announced the appointment of Simon Jones BMus (Tonmeister), MIBS as our first Training Coordinator. This post was one of the key recommendations of the IPS’s Training Seminar held on April 8th 2006, and Simon’s wide-ranging brief includes seeking funding to enable the Institute to expand its training efforts in various key areas.

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